Friday, July 16, 2010

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

FCC chairman proposes increased regulation of Internet service providers

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski on Thursday proposed putting Internet service providers (ISPs) into the same category as telephone companies, a move aimed at solidifying the agency's authority over the fast-growing broadband industry.
The proposal would impose a fresh layer of rules on a sector that has so far been lightly regulated. By reclassifying broadband providers, the FCC hopes to be able to carry out its plans to greatly expand Internet access nationwide and require companies that get consumers onto the Web to treat all online traffic equally.
Genachowski portrayed his plan as a middle-of-the-road approach to regulating broadband, saying he would exempt providers from dozens of rules that typically apply to phone companies.
"I sought an approach consistent with the limited but essential role that government should play with respect to broadband communications," said Genachowski, who noted that he did not wish to burden the thriving broadband industry with a heavy regulatory hand.
Those concessions notwithstanding, the proposal was met with swift opposition from several of the nation's largest ISPs."The fact remains that this approach would subject Internet facilities to some of the most onerous regulatory provisions on the books," said Jim Cicconi, senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs at AT&T.
The long-awaited decision follows a federal court decision last month that threw into doubt the FCC's ability to regulate ISPs. An appeals court found that the FCC had overreached its authority by sanctioning Comcast for blocking a peer-to-peer application.
ISPs and some analysts said they doubted the agency could strip enough rules from broadband companies in a way that didn't hurt their ability to make business decisions and draw investment. They disagreed with Genachowski's characterization that the proposal would be a middle ground between deregulation and regulation, and they warned that such a course could face significant legal hurdles as companies challenge the plan in court.ad_icon
"We believe the chairman's stated approach is legally unsupported," said Tom Tauke, executive vice president of public affairs for Verizon Communications. "The regulatory and judicial proceedings that will ensue can only bring confusion and delay the important work of continuing to build the nation's broadband future."
As part of the plan announced Thursday, Genachowski proposed revising an $8 billion yearly rural phone subsidy to help fund the construction of building new broadband networks. The FCC would also apply telephone-sector rules on privacy and access for the disabled. But the agency would exempt broadband providers from rules that force carriers to share their lines with competitors and that make the FCC a government arbiter on pricing.
Genachowski has the support of the two other Democratic commissioners, who would give him enough votes to carry out his order.
The decision is expected to launch a furious round of lobbying from opponents and proponents. Comcast, the wireless trade group CTIA, Qwest and cable trade group NCTA all expressed disappointment with the decision. Silicon Valley firms that depend on the Internet to deliver their services cheered the agency's move in a letter of support sent on Thursday to Genachowski and public interest groups.
Gigi Sohn, president of media public interest group Public Knowledge, said lobbying efforts will intensify in months ahead.
"Look, 10 days ago I came out of the chairman's office feeling very depressed about where things were going, but things changed," Sohn said. "This means supporters will have to drop everything else and keep campaigning for this. If this isn't a seminal moment for the Internet, I don't know what is." greenn-blog-grenn

Euro Holds Steady as G-7 Hopes Ease Fears

The euro was slightly higher against the dollar and yen in Asia Friday, as Japan's finance minister suggested Group of Seven industrialized nations will start trying to ease market jitters triggered by Greece's debt turmoil.
Naoto Kan shrugged off speculation that the group may jointly intervene in the currency markets to support the euro, but said G-7 finance ministers are slated to hold a telephone conference later in the day to discuss Greece's problem.
Mr. Kan's remarks boosted expectations that the world's industrialized countries will work as one to alleviate sovereign debt concerns in some European nations, encouraging investors to buy back the single unit, dealers said.
"If G-7 officials cooperate to deal with the Greece's debt issue, that could generate a sense of security in the market and help curb sharp falls in the euro," said Masanobu Ishikawa, manager of foreign exchange at Tokyo Forex and Ueda Harlow.
A day after briefly plunging to a one-year low of $1.2510 and an eight-year low of ¥110.49, the euro was trading at $1.2696, up from $1.2599 in New York late Thursday. It was at ¥116.87 from ¥113.26.
In early Asian trading, the yen lost most of its gains against its counterparts, including the dollar, after the Nasdaq OMX Group said late Thursday it would cancel excessively volatile trades made on the day.
The U.S. stock market plunged Thursday in a harrowing five-minute selloff that appeared to be triggered by a breakdown of trading systems. Nasdaq said the exchange was working with other markets to cancel all trades executed at prices that were greater than or less than 60% away from the last printed price prior to 2:40 p.m. ET.The move prodded Jpanese bankers to sell the safe-haven yen as expectations grew that investors could cover losses incurred by stock declines last night and might buy back risky assets, dealers said. The dollar rose to ¥92.07 from ¥89.92 late in New York, compared with Thursday's low of ¥87.95—its lowest level since Dec. 10. The climb was in tandem with rises in higher-yielding currencies such as the Australian and New Zealand dollars, which rallied to ¥81.97 and ¥65.54 respectively.
The pound also rebounded against the yen as Tokyo traders bought back the currency following its sharp drops overnight. But caution remained as the U.K. general elections looked likely to result in a hung Parliament, which investors said could make it difficult for smooth financial rehabilitation in the country. This could darken the outlook for the U.K. economy and sterling may fall back soon, traders said.
The pound recently stood at ¥136.19, up from ¥133.31 in late New York, but it fell to $1.4789 from $1.4816. HAUSE CARS
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the targets of active

Wireless sensor networks have been the targets of active research in the recent past due to their military and civil applications. Differentiating from traditional networks, WSN are very resource constrained. In view of the main tasks for WSN are to collecting information from areas under surveillance, it is an important issue to save communication energy meanwhile ensure the sampled data reliable. Medium access control(MAC) protocols are the basis of communication for each node, therefore researching protocols are dramatically significant for relieving collisions and filtering redundant,so that to reduce communication energy. Data compression is also one of important method to reduce energy. This paper mainly opens out the research based on the MAC protocol of the asynchronous communication mode and the compression algorithm using wavelet base on this MAC protocol, with the follow production:Firstly, this paper proposes a concept of asynchronous communicaton mode, based on the feasibility of low-power asynchronous communicaton module. In allusion to the possible effects on each-layer protocol and global performance of wireless sensors networks from the asynchronous mode, it has designed an asynchronous MAC protocol using peridical awake-sleep, partial time-synchronization and interactive-confirmation ACK mechanism etc.

Let’s Pray for Love silently

True love is a tree in a forest,although only one,it can provide us with shelter in the rain;True love is a drop of water in the sea,although only one,it can swash the spindrifts of life;True love is a star in the vast universe,although only one,it can reflect the bright sunshine. In the novel King Lear,the auther described that the king in ancient Britain was old and weak.He decided to divide his possession into three parts and to give them to his three daughters.
  The eldest and second deceived their father by pretty words,and therefore,each of them got one third of the possession.But then, they maltreated King Lear to crazy,and drove him away.The little daughter couldn"t flatter her father"s misery,she at once sent soldiers to rescue him.Finally,King Lear died of craziness. After reading King Lear,I cried for the human relations that was broken by the British capitalistic society.Feulanthropy formed the boundary among sympathy,philanthropy and reality.When people were so poor that they had only money and profit left,they simply regarded friends as strangers, regarded parents as strangers.Usury became the bridge for people to communicate.In a world that money led,more and more political tragedies were put on.I fell in deep thought,if there were no profit,history would be changed. Sometimes,we need to repay peace to soul,and baptism to spirit.
  The respect for parents,love between couples,followship among friends,care for children,piety for teachers......all have melted in language.We need to understand it by heart. LiMi proved his respect for grandma by taking actions,and wrote down the moving article Memorial on earnest plea,and won approval by peoplpe all around the world.Zhugeliang showed his worry about his motherland,and left a good name for a hundrad generations by Memorial on However,an ordinary person couldn"t have such a strong will.But to sow the seeds of love is within our ability.Who can bear the scene that a begger kneeling on the ground and drinking rain water?But to my disappointed,I only saw the sympathetic looks and sad expressions.Out of the crowd,the rushing passers by appeared and disappeared like lightning.Perhaps at that moment,what the begger badly needed wasn"t money,but greetings,encouragement,or just faith. Love is so,it"s with us all the time,but someone will never find it in his lifetime.Love is a strange thing,it needs to be given,to be created. In fact,love has already permeated into every field.Teachers sow the seeds of love;doctors light up the fire of life by love;painters decorate the world with love.Love is permanent,love is the biggest possession in one"s life time. After reading King Lear,I couldn"t forget the little daughter"s philanthropy.Yesterday"s misery has gradually passed away.Our body has got warmth because of love chain.
  Our soul won"t be lonely any longer.Love chain leads us to the paradise of love,and gives us the warm sunshine.Let"s light up the fire of love by heart,may every pearl in love chain would be bright. I wiped the dirt on the book softly,and reviewed Shakespear"s monumental work King Lear,then came out the call for love from the bottom of my heart.Therefore,I wrote down the words that have hidden in my heart for a long time.